Dungeons & Dragons Summer Bootcamp: Adventurer Training (Grades 6-12)

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This event is part of a series. Visit the first event in the series to register.
Registration for this event is no longer open.
Allowed Ages: Up to 18
Allowed Grades: 6th Grade to 12th Grade

Program Description

Event Details

Greetings Teen Adventurers!

Come join us for a two-day Dungeons and Dragons Bootcamp where you will learn the basics of DnD, play a practice game, create a character of your own, and be invited to an adventure later in the month. No experience necessary; dice will be provided!

Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) is a role-playing game where players come together to tell stories of adventure, exploration, and intrigue. Come hang out with other teens, roll some dice, and become your character!

Adventurer Training will take place in-person, with masks encouraged, and is for grades 6-12. This is a two-day workshop and you must show up to the first event in order to be admitted to the second.

Additional dates
If you are interested in becoming a Game Master, sign up for the Game Master Training as well!


Masks Encouraged

Masks for everyone age 2+ are encouraged while attending this program.