Self-Regulation: Restorative Practices for Healing Centered Circles

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This is not a library-led event.

Meeting/Event Description

Description of Presentation:
Self-regulation is a restorative practice that helps the body to heal:
• We discover how to support our bodies in coming out of survival mode.
• We grow our ability to be comfortable being uncomfortable.
• We respond more compassionately to differences of all kinds.
• We experience the restorative power of our breath.
• We discover more calm and peace within.
Learning Objectives for Attendees
1. Experience the restorative power of your breath and learn how to tap into the healing
power of breath.
2. Discover the intelligence of your body and explore how to access the internal support
systems built into your body’s intelligence.
3. Develop a set of simple self-care and co-care practices you can share with others as
part of your restorative justice efforts.