Art Exhibit: "Surface Depth: A Bold Photographic Exhibit" by Scott Emery

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Arts & Culture

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Surface Depth strives to use photographs of familiar surfaces or substances, perhaps not often closely observed, to create compositions whose intent is to capture attention when viewed from afar and to stimulate contemplation when observed more closely.

Several types of surfaces and objects were used to create the compositions, typically at close range. Try to avoid wanting to know the scene, surface, or object; just observe the images as pieces of art, feeling the emotions or embracing the thoughts they generate.

About the artist
Scott Emery began his serious photographic journey in 2012. He has not stopped since. Travel provided the inspiration, particularly the wonders of Italy. But study, observation, and practice have expanded his view of what photography can create and what scenes and images satisfy him.

Surface Depth provides a glimpse into abstract creations that Scott has been working to refine over the last two to three years. This is his first major exhibit. Scott has been a resident of Oak Park with his wife, Kay, for 38 years.